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5 Tips to Stop Obsessive Thinking #theeverygirl

5 Tips to Stop Obsessive Thinking

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Lingerie Lady: Irritated

Messy hair, a cup of tea, a good book: a sunday morning


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Some quiet morning coffee.

Mornings from bed ✧☆

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY We hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day where we celebrate how bloomin wonderful and special and AWESOME us mamas are! woot LOVE Jess the team xx

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22 Brunch Recipes for a Lovely, Lazy Morning - Bon Appétit


"You're always reading or studying or hiding in a bookstore or library." He said with a curious look. "I like to write so I tend to read a lot to learn different writing styles or just for pure pleasure. As for hiding, it's nice to get away from the noise


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Taylor Stitch Women’s Indigo Basics Collection Women’s Designer: Kate JonesModel: Bekah StewartStylist: Lisa MoirHair/Makeup: Tricia Turner All images shot on medium format using Kodak film.Photographed on location in Northern California.



Butts sleep but almost at a stopping point.

Cute photo opp: *take pics of what life really looks like on the weekend: the unmade bed, us in our pi's, the yummy food, the happy family)

La Matera

Anyone who plays an wind or violin knows this moment. I play the violin, flute, and piano so this happens at least one a week.

be happy...  :(      and   :) because for you to be happy would the next best thing.......   <3

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(Closed) Amelie)) After breakfast in bed, my maids bring me a copy of the newspaper. I see a picture of Michael on the front and my stomach sinks. Oh no. I quickly find the article and skim through it. Bloody reporters, why couldn't they just mind their own business? They mention something about my brother and I start to become furious. It was far enough that they try to tarnish my reputation, but my brother's? I would not stand for that. But first, I needed answers. I climb out of my…


We often turn to the already successful people of the world for advice. Today we have gathered three articles on how they spend their weekends, so that you can learn how to relax and reload from.

Having that quiet moment to read in the morning.

good morning