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    Sabr (patience) & redha (acceptance)

    Wise words from Sayiddina Ali ibn Abi Talib r.a. so hard to live by this words but if someone wants to be happy they won't be so hard.

    Trust Allah when things don't work out the way you wanted. Allah has something better planned for you.

    Some hearts have been hardened so much that sins mean nothing to them. This means a lot! In order for you to be forgiven for a sin you must repent, and feel remorse. Many people don't even feel that..

    May Allah grant all of the Muslims and the true believers in Islam the strength to do what pleases Him, The Almighty. Ameen.

    Ya ALLAH make efficient...just to please u ya Rabb

    U have the complete knowledge of the unseen ya ALLAH!! Set our matters in peace...ameen

    Your will be done


    Islamic Quotes

    completecodeoflif... The Quraan is the final guideline from Allah, which guides the man to right path. Who lead his life according to the rules of the Quraan must be happy in his personal life, social life & political life. The earth will be peaceful.

    99 Names of the Almighty Allah! by ~zeshanadeel on deviantART

    Islam. I need to practice thus more. In shaa Allah

    The 4 Great men in History of Islaam!

    As a friend - teach children

    To all my friend whom I love for the sake of Allah.. may we all meet there one day ♥

    Du'aas: May Allah ... ameen

    Misconceptions about Islam, true islam



    And it's so so goooood


    So be patient with beautiful patience. Surah Ma’arij | Verse 05

    remember this...