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Hijab is not fashion. Qur'an is not music. Salah is not an exercise. Fasting is not a diet. Islam is not a phase.

I would agree with the last line - that removing clothes (like western women do) is sending the wrong message - but going to the opposite extreme and covering up as much as she has done - also sends the wrong message. She is scared and doesnt trust herself or her fellow muslim men.

Indeed. And women can do this without wearing an all encompassing prison garment like the Niqab. (Burka and Chador)

We learn from our experiences and mistakes. Indeed, we alone wrong ourselves. Allah never wrongs His creations.

Ethics- Muslims are called upon to: do what is natural, promote unity and harmony, support the community of Muslims and obey Shari'a Law

Don't be an attention seeker, smh. I see this all the time by females AND males on Facebook and Instagram! Be a lady. Stay classy. Real women deserve respect, So true!