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Feminism from the West, specifically the USA, that is geared towards white middle class women, is not able to be transplanted to woman in other countries or with different cultures because it imposes our culture upon them without tolerating their differences. #HIJABIGAL #MADEFOREMPOWERMENT

So please wear the hijab correctly, because you are representing islam!

You are what you believe yourself to be. #quote #hijab

How did she wear her hijab..nice!

Yes! When it's really her choice and not Father, Mother or societal pressure... I feel the same way about the opposite stance... Young girls feeling pressured to reveal too much in order to earn acceptance from peers.

Hijab Quotes | This is circulating on Facebook lately. Via Hijab Islam .

If only people were judged on the basis of their emaan how different world would be... :)

Everybody posts half naked anime girls bit nobody posts about Muslim anime girls :(