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    I not sure if if it will ever make perfect sense, but I will trust God and I will still laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, walk in grace, refuse to be a dumping board for other's people's drama/junk, and remind myself that everything in my life is part of God's perfect plan. : )

    peace @ Judith Land

    So true!


    Great truth to be reminded of.

    This is a good list to remember

    Being insecure is one thing. But when you are nasty and try to break someone else down to make yourself feel better because of your insecurities, get the hell out of my life. I have no time for the weak

    So me.

    I need someone standing over my shoulder repeating this over and over every time I start to worry.

    I am.

    turn it over

    Something to remember.

    So true.

    Always a good reminder


    No regrets.

    so true....Words to live by.

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