Alot about this picture makes me smile....the dark nail's,tanned leg's & mmmmmm tea all make me :)

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Tea with Lemon

Flash Fiction Prompt: A Warm Cup  Make yourself a cup of tea, coffee, cocoa, or another hot beverage. Whatever you prefer. Hold the drink in your hands, close your eyes and in your mind describe what you feel, taste, smell and hear. Imagine you are someone else and think about what you see, not only your surroundings but the hands, the cup, the liquid also.• Where is this person you imagine you are? Why are they there? • Are they holding a tea cup, a handmade mug, a styrofoam cup? Is it sign...

another way to tea

Tea for two

rose tea cup + red nails

Your tea.

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Five-Section Divided Tea Box by GG Collection at Neiman Marcus.

tea love//

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