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Boyfriend left girlfriend this epic gift - hahahahahh (NOT ME) I would sing: Hey heres some Midol, those cramps are crazy, and theres no bright side, still no baby!

I don't understand their response... I'd be wondering why we aren't best friends.

Funny pictures about Finding Nemo. Oh, and cool pics about Finding Nemo. Also, Finding Nemo photos.

Melissa McCarthy and Her Spanx... I cried i was laughing so hard

I laughed so hard I cried watching this. Actress Melissa McCarthy tells what happens when Spanx Go Horribly Wrong.ahahahahahahahah oh i love her. TOEVS @ Nikkie Roth @ Kirtsin Roth you have to watch this you will laugh so hard you start crying

because a rubber band is cheaper than bluetooth.

because a rubber band is cheaper than bluetooth. If we didn't have Bluetooth already my dad might do this

I'm sorry , but this made tears leak from my eyes!!!!!

Cant stop laughing! You have to admire a guy.it does say "how to wear guy shirts"

This creased me, my mother took my daughter there to shop and she was like why are we shopping in the dark :D

Meanwhile in Hollister .Meanwhile in Hollister . hahaha so true now all they need is gas masks and watch for silence XD

Mean Girls: Disney Princess Edition

Mean Girls: Disney Princess Edition

Disney Mean Girls. Watch it now. Do it. Somebody had too much disney knowledge and time on their hands. I want a job where I get paid to watch Disney movies.


My freaking dilemma every time my sister or mom or dad doesn't answer there phones.

probably the greatest thing i've ever pinned. I'm crying!!! Watch this if your having a bad day.

Baby Laughs Hysterically at Dog Popping Bubbles - This is so funny - Must Watch Video