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Betta Fish: for kendra

Siamese fighting fish (Betta Splendens) and people call these beautiful fish boring.

Betta Max

Silver 銀 Plata Gin Argento Cеребро Agent Colour Texture Pattern Style Design

White Dragon Crowntail Betta

This one is called a White Dragon King Crown Betta. Sometimes Bettas are referred to as Siamese Fighting Fish.

Lionfish by Maria Teresa Lara

Lionfish are invading Caribbean waters- the CEI is doing much to combat this problem, by encouraging fisherman to target the species, as well as promoting the creation of jewelry from Lionfish fins! Lionfish - Photo by Maria Teresa Lara


Hayman Island, Queensland- An orange colored fish surrounded by purple reef, nice pop of colors!

Those Lionfish are beautiful, but we don't like them here - glad the shark had a good munch and avoided those spines!

Trained shark kills lionfish

Tiger Shark eating a Lion Fish. I think the shark might die too? As the lion fish has very toxic spines, that protect it from most preditors.

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Notice the even stripes.these serve as warning signs to predators that this fish is poisonous Scorpion Fish