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    Marmosets are observed by researchers as holding conversations with each other. Image by hotblack.

    Measles can cause complications such as pneumonia as seen here. Image by the CDC.

    Arabidopsis: the tiny plant which had taught biologists so much (by Brona at en.wikipedia)

    Splachnum rubrum growing on a lovely heap of moose dung. Photo: Ksenia Barton / By permission

    Ginkgo Petrified Tree

    AMAZING!! A giant swath of comb from what must have been a very very big bee hive. Photo by: Tarsh and Tariq Thekaekara This could feed the whole village.. #bees #biology #intriguing

    Lab ratings can be confusing - here's a risk-level breakdown. For more details, see the table on Page Three. Image by Decoded Science

    Animals that you didn't know existed.

    Tree of life

    butterfly eggs -- WOW!!

    What’s Bugging the Bees: Are Pesticides and High Fructose Corn Syrup to Blame?

    The entire United States is excited about the Kentucky Derby coming up - but could the horses participating be in danger from a deadly parasite? www.decodedscienc...


    Colourful Nature and sweet hummingbird

    Leopard gecko

    Albino gorilla......amazing face and those eyes.... He looks almost .. human!

    Ebola Virus Outbreak in Uganda July 2012 is a Cause for Concern | Decoded Science

    Surfaces Inhibiting Biofilm Formation

    RECOVER Works to Improve Veterinary CPR Success Rates After Cardiac Arrest -- ooh... controversial.

    Large Mid-Ocean Ridge Earthquake Occurs in Indian Ocean

    RECOVER Works to Improve Veterinary CPR Success Rates

    a 5,300 year old blood cell from the body of Otzi the Iceman found in the Alps. Amazing!

    Sulphur Bacteria in Mid-Ocean Hot Springs and Possible Life on Saturn’s Moons

    from the book: seeds, the time capsules of life.