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The more I study his costume (*ahem*) the more it looks like he's all tied up...rawr.

Fake Loki VOGUE Magazine Cover “If you’re going to destroy the universe, you might as well look good doing it” Follow the real fandom magazine project!!! hiddlestoned-maga...

Well I never considered the dye him black... but after seeing this (Tom Hiddleston before and after...) it might be correct....

Seriously! What a horrible father! I can see why Loki is the way he is. Poor baby!

I love how when he's gouging out that old man's eye, he's just looking around with a beautiful, evil grin, to see the people's reaction.

The faces of Loki (the Hiddleson bothers me because it makes me think they forgot the t..)

Why does he look so different in each film?? I can't quite put my finger on it... The hair? The eyebrows? AUUGH IDK UGH LOKI BABY

Yes! He Is An Outstanding Actor... Here Is The Mercurial And Mischievous Loki | This Post Will Destroy Your Life

oh my Loki. Just kill me now and end this tortuous suffering! (gif)