Watercolor cross tattoo wonder if it could be done small

Watercolor Cross Tattoo

painted cross, would make an awesome tattoo

This would be great for a best friend tattoo. Now only if my parents would let me get one...

Double Heart Cross RED - Comes in 4 Sizes – Celebrate Faith

I would want the teal lotus tattoo on my wrist small and cute!

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small cross tattoo

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Animal Tattoos | POPSUGAR Pets -I really want a tattoo for my dog! This would be really pretty!


tattoos ideas for moms - oh, I like this! Been looking for a mom tattoo for my sons this is wonderful! Think I'd use my own handwriting. I'd use theirs but they have guy penmanship.

If I ever did have a tattoo, it might be one of these... very small though and on the ankle:) so cute !

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My wife's new small tattoo J & E joined. Initials of our children Jordan & Eleanor. Design by me. Tattoo by Alexis at Holy Cow in Eastbourne

This is in my album of the for sure tattoos I want to do. It's gonna cost $180 for the small designs of the snowflakes. Inspired By Frozen

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