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Exit Slips in the Art Room: Plus a whole list of exit slip prompts to inspire you.

Art Critique Cootie Catcher

power standards

8 routines and tips that will transform your Art routines #classroomanagement @theartofed // Ideas y consejos para manejar la clase de #edplástica

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Kids And Parenting | Tipsographic | More kids and parenting tips at

Introductory art criticism- The Art Sandwich... Something I like about your art is... A suggestion I have for your art is... Something else about your art I like is...

Blooms Taxonomy for Reading Art (Made by Miss Allem)

Classroom Management

routines and point system

Printible - Artist Statements & why we write them. Includes an exit activity - students must fill out the response before they can leave class (formative assessment, asses student knowledge). Click to Download PDF

Weekly/daily exit slips with two choices for documenting progress in their work.