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    So true / i truly believe that happiness is relative. I work hard not to get caught up in "needing" what makes OTHER people happy and finding happiness in the simple, everyday things in MY life. It's one huge plus of living in a small rural town - life is simple! without expectations there is no disappointment


    When life knocks you down. Calmy get up, smile, dust yourself off, and very politely say, "YOU HIT LIKE A LITTLE BITCH........ BITCH!"



    Learn To Like Yourself | How can you learn to like yourself? Easy tools to start liking and even loving your body and mind to build a positive sense of self.

    So true~

    The trouble with trouble is, it starts out as fun.


    Time decides who u meet in life, your heart decides who u want in u life and your behavior decides who stays in your life.


    What you put up with, you end up with. **This is the truth, so remember this!**

    Now only if everyone thought this way

    "It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it." -Lena Horne #business #inspiration #life #quotes

    One of my best supervisors said I didn't need to "explain myself," I could / should just explain the situation. 1.29.14

    Lao Tzu