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    Usui Reiki Hand Position Chart | Reiki Attunemnts - Reiki Hand Positions - Reiki Healing Light

    Reiki symbols and their meanings are sacred. They can enhance the flow of life energy when used during a session These symbols can also open doors...

    What reiki will do for you :) What you may feel during treatment? ALIVE!

    Reiki is incorporated with my healing work for others

    Poster / Leinwandbild "Reiki" - Enri-Art

    this link leads to the wikipedia entry for Reiki... anything you may want to know but were afraid to ask ;) I haven't read through the whole thing, so feel free to ask if there is anything you see that seems "off"!

    Love this interpretation by James Deacon of the Five Reiki Principles.

    Reiki - meaning of the kanji broken down. *i ADORE that DANCING is an integral piece on the path to spiritual wisdom. WIN!!!!

    Reiki > this is the stamp design I've been looking for...

    Animal Reiki - Healing Pets Naturally

    Perfect depiction of what Reiki is all about. Getting universal energy from above and tapping into higher power to use you as a tool for healing

    An easy-to-follow guide to give yourself a Reiki treatment.