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Jasmine Aroma Diffuser - transforms water blended with essential oil into an extra fine mist.

Sony Attachable Zoom Lens For Smartphones

Highlighter Pencils | 31 Unusual Gifts To Give A Design Lover

A lamp with take along glow balls for walking places in the middle of the night

Cool lounge chair

The perfect watch for Summer! Check out this limited edition matte white watch from Vannen. #watches #fashionaccessories #vannen #whitewatch

disguise your iphone as a book, plus with room for cards and receipts!

Dwell in Possibility Necklace | etched sterling silver by Lisa Hopkins Design

Second Screen by popSLATE: An E-ink Screen on the back of your iPhone 5 case! #popSLATE #iPhone | iClooly Phone Handset Black 36 usd

Bracelet key, no more putting keys in your pocket. Great for jogging and wearing pocketless pants. Fingers crossed this becomes a product soon!!

Seiko e-paper watch

EYN Case for iPhone 4/4S from Serena Williams

Solar Tent w/ Glow in the Dark and other features

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by Pebble Technology, via Kickstarter! #Pebble #Watch #iPhone #Android #Kickstarter

Pebble Smart Watch by Pebble Technology: Whoa, glossy orange... love beautiful technology! #Pebble #Smart_Watch

Packed with Love /

This Table is a Speaker!!!

Like This'll Ever Happen -- Take an old lotion bottle (this is a Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo bottle) and cut it to fit around an outlet and plug. Select some fabric and Mod Podge it on. Instant electronic device holder, clear counters!


Skulk of Foxes iPhone Covers


Chalkboard Laptop

Morning plussers, make your coffee mug an extension of yourself with this Morning Mug from Designer Damion O'Sullivan. As you pour hot coffee or tea into it, it slowly starts to wake up, just like you!

The iPhone Lens Dial