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What Science Taught Us About Sex In 2013

We hate to put a damper on your Christmas cheer, but your significant others are almost certainly lying to you about their holiday spending. Not that it matters, because buying your wife or girlfriend the perfect gift probably won’t convince her to sleep with you anyway.

Excuse me while I die from cuteness overload.My intention is to fill up facebook with baby animals to break the saturation of negative images and videos. If you like this post, I will choose a baby animal for you. you need to post a baby Puppy

Fish Bowl Snowman - DIY craft for a beautiful and unique indoor Christmas decoration. ADORABLE! Make a little Christmas scene in each bowl.

Holiday Mason Jars set of 4 - Christmas decorations

Gorgeous set of holiday mason jars, pint or Quart sized mason jar. What a fabulous way to decorate for the holidays or Christmas decorations This is for 4 shimmering holiday mason jars. Great for seas More

We can all be friends

We can all be friends

If animals can grow and learn with another, despite differences in appearance, then why can't humans do it?: True Friendship, Unexpected Friendship, Best Friends, Sweet, Odd Animal Couple, Odd Couple, Unlikely Animal Friend, Animal Friendships, Odd An