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    • Anna Buis

      Thread and nail art

    • Jessica Lane

      Que Linda: String Wall Art for Valentines Day DIY Tutorial

    • Amanda Katz

      DIY wall art

    • Angela Sunseri-Ewing

      Even though we don’t need a special holiday to tell us to be romantic and to show our love, it’s nice to have such a thing. It gives us a reason to plan something special for the loved one. So let’s get in a festive mood and make something special. How about a love sign? Let’s start with some string wall art. You can basically design anything using this technique so making a love sign should be fairly easy.{found on site}. You can use a combination of techniques. For example, use letter stencils for the “L”, the “V” and the “E” and make small fabric roses which you then arrange in the shape of a heart instead of the “O” letter.{found on site}. If you want to try something simpler than that, just use a heart stencil to paint a colored heart of a wooden board. You can use a pallet to make the wood piece which you then hang on the wall or display somewhere else.{found on etsy}. You could make something more fun. For example, buy some cardboard or foam letters to spell out “love” and wrap then in colored yarn. You can use two or more colors to create an interesting design.{found on sisterssuitcaseblog}. Another idea is to make something small such as a framed design which you can offer as a gift. You need a heart stencil, chalkboard paint and a photo frame.{found on whilewearingheels}. Instead of using foam or cardboard letters, you can make your own font. Use reinforced clothesline, yarn and wire clippers. Shape the clothesline into the word “love” and put some glue at the ends.{found on cfabbridesigns}. You can come up with all sorts of ideas for the love sign. For example, this one features white and red letters but it;s also decorated with pom pom flowers made of coffee filters.{found on snowybliss}. If you want, you can try something a little more elaborate and eye-catching but still simple and elegant. To make a love sign like this one you’ll need, furring strips, a hammer, nails, measuring tape, a saw, stain, primer, paint, a hot glue gun, a paintbrush and wood glue.{found on site}. A rustic love sign can be just what you need this Valentine’s Day. To make one similar to this one you’ll need a picture frame, some wood letters in the size of your choice, glue, fabric, paint and a glue gun.{found on site} A chic love sign can be the perfect thing to fill an empty space on your wall and you can leave it even after Valentine’s Day. Make one that complement’s your interior décor. This one, for example, features a combination of white and pink to match the room.{found on site}. This love sign has a very simple design and making it is not that difficult either. It’s a 10 minute project and you need a tray, letters, a glue gun and spray paint. Remove the handles, glue the letters onto the tray and spray paint everything.{found on site}. Be creative and use things you already have in the house or things that represent you or your loved one. For example, this love sign was made with an L bracket, a pipe clamp, 2 long screws and wire and nails.{found on site}. The “O” in “love” can be replaced with all sorts of things. As we’ve mentioned already, it can be a heart or, as you’ll see here, it can be a beautiful wreath which you can make using branches for example.{found on lollyjane}. Make a love sign for the entrance door and spread the love. This one is made using fabric and scrap wood. Make letter stencils out of paper and then trace them on fabric. Cut out the letters and glue them onto the wood sign.{found on thatsmyletter}. If you prefer sparkling designs and shiny textures, make a love sign like this one. You’ll need a bunch of gold discs, thumb tacks and golden spray paint. Also, you’ll need wooden letters.{found on popcosmo}. If, on the other hand, simplicity is what you like, try something like this. It’s a love sign made with a large piece of canvas, old book pages, glue, chip board letters and black paint.{found on sarahdawndesigns}. You're reading DIY Valentine’s Day Love Signs , originally posted on Homedit. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Homedit on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. The post DIY Valentine’s Day Love Signs appeared first on Home Decorating Trends. via. Home Decorating Trends

    • Darell Dorland

      love string wall art for Valentines Day Really good, clear tutorial. Havent seen cursive string art like this before.

    • Modern Blinds and Shades

      String art love, #DIY #art

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