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  • Elizabeth Celis

    good idea for teaching fractions

  • Megan Willis

    Fraction Bookmarks and other fraction ideas

  • Meghan Johnson

    Teaching ideas

  • Kelly DeBeul

    These look like bookmarks. If your book is longer than you can read in one sitting and need a bookmark, then you're probably at least in third grade. And if you don't know what one-half or one-fifth is by then, perhaps you should go back to third grade.

  • Deb Cee

    Fractions Bookmarks... good idea! I'll try to get more 'bang for the buck' by including the decimal and/or money equivalent.

  • Sarah Wright

    This is a good idea to have on hand when kids need a book mark - and they get some math reinforcement!

  • ckilinsk

    Fraction bookmarks Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Search results for Fractions

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Fraction Kites from "Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons" - students will love making this project!

Sub Tub... great to have in your classroom to be prepared for when you need a sub. Contains a Welcome Binder explaining the daily schedule, where things are in the room and anything the sub might need like computer log-in codes. Tub also has hanging folders for each day of the week with emergency lesson ideas, great books, games and other activities to do!

This "I'm done..." board is a great way to remind students of their choices once they have completed the current activity. By having this posted as a bulletin board or poster within the room, students would have a visual reminder of the acceptable options they have while awaiting transition to the next activity. This procedure would help maintain order as well as keep faster students busy.

Here's a great idea for making an interactive tool for watching the process of metamorphosis.

fraction pizza! meets standard 3.NF.1 Understand a fraction 1/b as the quantity of one part when the whole is partitioned into b equal parts. understand a fraction a/b as the quantity of a parts of size 1/b.

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Equivalent Fraction Race - I am super excited for this activity! Where can I buy dice in bulk?

fractions - fractionpillar. I can't find the link to a printable, but I could easily make this. The kids could use the circle punch to make the caterpillar segments on different colored paper. The fraction math sentences at the bottom are easy to type up, too.

A two-player game to practice fraction recognition. Roll two dice, slide them together to make a fraction, find the fraction on the game board. 1.50

Match fractions, fraction names and fraction pictures in this Spring themed activity. A worksheet is included for extra consolidation. (Fractions i...

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