...oh goodness...Steele will love this

I don’t think you understand how it’s made…: Fundamental Misunderstanding, Vegan, Some People, Comment, So Funny, Baby Goats, Animal


Well played old man!!! on http://seriouslyforreal.com/funny/well-played-old-man/

The question is: what place has a sign showing people the correct, most fabulous ways to propose to their significant other?

bahahahaha... mean, yet awesome.


this is true.

I see what you did there ..if only raven saw the future of Disney channel to keep that show still on ..

this is the greatest thing ever This song sucks, but so does Disney!! FREAKING HIllarious!!!


"And Beyonce herself has nodded at you and whispered "Fierce" hahahahaha I have this mascara worst stuff EVER.: Giggle, Best Mascara, Girl, Mascara Review, So True, Funny Stuff, So Funny

Laughed so hard

Now this seems to be the reason why I'm allergic to that much. Thank you, Immune system-kun

Things I would do...

Just for a little laugh of the day. So thankful for a world with Ryan Gosling in it!

I'm laughing so hard.


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