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  • Jim & Liz Hudema

    Jasey's Crazy Daisy: Twix Brownies {Who'd have thought Twix could get any better?}...cookie crust then brownie then caramel layer then choco-layer...Heaven :)

  • Derek Lee

    Twix brownies!!! My favorite candy bar as a brownie? It's LOVE! what genius thought of this!!!

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Jasey's Crazy Daisy: Twix Brownies {Who'd have thought Twix could get any better?}

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Who doesn't love baking? I surely do. And what's better than brownies? TWIX BROWNIES. It outlines how to make them on this website, along with a bunch of other awesome recipes I cannot wait to try out.

Twix Brownies (note homemade - with boxed brownie mix, shortbread cookies, and bag of caramels)

Original Pin: twixbrownie My Opinion: massive FAIL for me. i think if you try them, use sundae caramel NOT try to melt caramel squares. those bitches are a pain to work with ~rach

Ahhh...the delight of a gentle summer breeze gently bringing the lovely scents of your flower garden... party-on-wayne

Bake a Twix in a brownie! Just mix up your favorite brownie batter (or use this recipe here), spread the batter into a 9x9 non-stick baking pan, and arrange about 25 mini Twix candy bars on top of the batter before sticking them in the oven (like so). Bake for about 22-25 minutes (your recipe may vary), until a toothpick inserted into the center of the pan comes out clean. You’re left with little pools of chocolate, caramel, and Twix cookies melted into the top of the brownies. SO GOOD! (For best results, allow the brownies to completely cool before cutting—as hard as it might be to wait.)