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This is me when I actually get to bed before midnight....

Story of my life, I have insomnia and I except it so most days I'm just like her. I also plan to kill everyone who tells me how much they slept

why does this have to happen, especially when it is so funny

Or ask sister, "I need a megalomaniac younger sister for my story. Can you help? It isn't based on you at all."

This is soooo me right now! School is going to make me really old, really quick!

Nothing to wear - nothing to eat. real life first world problems

The writing life - especially the second frame...

The story of my life!

OHMYGOD we have this argument multiple times a week. If I say "hold on" and you see that I am writing something, DO NOT CONTINUE TO ASK ME TO STOP AND/OR COMPLAIN THAT *I* ALWAYS DO "THIS" TO *YOU*, SO THAT YOU CAN TELL OR ASK ME YOUR STUPID THINGS!!!! I feel better now.