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    amigo wheelchair for the disabled (but awesome) dog. 영상보기=>

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    • Brittany Woodby

      Animal OT! A wheelchair for dogs that allows your dog to walk, run, sit, lie-down and even go down the stairs on his own! Amazing!

    • a.m.f.

      "As far as I can see, this product isn't out yet but it is a wonderful step in the right direction for handicapped pets. So many doggy wheelchairs out there don't allow the dog to sit or lay down while in the contraption but this one gives almost a full range of mobility. I'm so excited! There's hope for my Shushu!" -- another pinner.

    • adelina goldfeld

      Amigo Dog Wheelchair. Gives the dog more mobility, allowing it to sit & lay down. Awesome! Need to pass this on to some dog rescue friends :)

    • National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association

      Amigo Dog Wheelchair. Gives the dog more mobility, allowing it to sit & lay down.

    • William FitzGerald

      nir shalom: amigo dog wheelchair - looks like I might have to FAB this soon

    • margo rock

      nir shalom: amigo dog wheelchair - designboom | architecture

    • Heather Fitzgerald

      stylish dog stairs | nir shalom: amigo dog wheelchair

    • Pet Sitter Patrol

      Amigo Dog Wheelchair - Pet Sitter Patrol

    • Dulce Aguilar

      AMIGO Dog Wheelchair, by Nir Shalom

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    Ed and Leslie Grinnell have been living with dogs with disabilities for 20 years. Our own dogs, together with the hundreds of disabled dogs whom we have personally measured and fitted in their carts each year, have been our inspiration. They have taught us how to meet the challenges of providing our disabled soul companions with the equipment and the care they need to lead a “dog’s life”.

    Build Your Own Dog Wheelchair


    Visit the page for full instructions and pictures. This is my dog, Chance, who suddenly loss the full use of his legs (more than likely due to a pinched nerve) and needed a way to gain more mobility. The typical professionally-made dog wheelchair costs $200. This DIY wheelchair works beautifully and cost us $15. We bought all supplies at our local home department store & the strap & velcro in the fabric section at Walmart.

    Wonderful photo series of Disabled Pets by Carli Davidson.

    service dog at work........nicely done!

    My dog does this too. I love it!

    I love my dogs

    Pet Camper: Miles has always wanted a classic Airstream trailer of his own.

    This little puppy is Vespa and she was born without front legs. Her momma adopted her through Petfinder & eventually got her fitted for those wheels. Now Vespa can go everywhere with her family!

    DIY tutorial for Dog wheelchair

    babi volta


    An Eagle Named Freedom ~ Freedom and Jeff have been together 13 years. When Freedom was brought to a wildlife center as a baby she could not stand, was emaciated and covered in lice. Jeff made the decision to give her a chance at life, and she survived against all odds. As fate would have it after she mended, Jeff got cancer. While in the hospital Jeff says Freedom would come to him in dreams time and time again to help him fight the cancer. After 8 months of chemo, Jeff’s cancer was gone. When he returned home the first thing he did was take Freedom for a walk. Somehow she knew he was cured, looked at him for a long time, and wrapped both of her wings around him, engulfing him. He says it was a magical moment. Freedom was glove trained and will never be able to fly, but she and Jeff visit schools all over western Washington State introducing this magnificent spirit to children. As a side note: Jeff has had many people who are sick come up to them when they are out. He says Freedom has some kind of hold on them. Once a man with terminal cancer came up to them and when he held Freedom his knees buckled and he swore he could feel her power course through his body. Jeff says he has many stories about this birds power and spirit and thinks she is an angel in disguise. Watch as Jeff tells more of her touching story


    every dog i know is getting a dog stache.

    best. dog. ever.

    Haha this is SO my dog!

    pvc dog wheelchair