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    This guy raped and murdered his 20 month old step son. He was raped, stitched up and raped as many as 20 times. He's learned the meaning of "payback is a bit h". (DB)

    Oldest Olympic Female Gymnast | Chinese Coaches Torture Kids to Create Olympic Champions | Impressions

    Chinese Foot Binding Chinese foot binding is a now ancient tradition of wrapping the feet of young girls. This tradition died out, thankfully, about 100 years ago. The idea was, the smaller the feet, the more beautiful and feminine the girl.

    How do people get like this?

    This photo was taken on October 16, 2010. This is total abuse.

    too many toes

    World Largest Human Oddities | baby with second penis 19 Of The Worst Human Growths Ever

    A Chinese tourist has claimed to have encountered a human-like 'monster' in a valley in Huairou

    Photo of the “Llullaillaco Maiden”, a 15 year old girl sacrificed during the Inca Empire for both purposes of religious rite and social control. She was chosen a year prior to her death, fed a ritualistic diet for an approximate twelve months to make her gain weight, then was drugged and left on the shrine at Volcano Llullaillaco, where she was left to die of exposure. For five hundred years, her body had been preserved at 82 ft. She is considered to be the best preserved Andean mummy uncovered.

    A pediatric brain surgeon in Colorado removed a small foot growing inside the brain of a 3-day old. The cause was thought to be a twin that began to form within the fetus.

    In 1933, Lina Medina was born in Ticrapo, Peru. At the age of five, Lina was brought to the hospital by her parents complaining of extreme abdominal growth. She was originally thought to have a tumor, but doctors later determined that the child was seven months pregnant. On May 14, 1939, Lina Medina gave birth to a baby boy. The child was delivered by way of caesarean section, as Lina’s pelvis was too small to perform a natural birth. Her son was named Gerardo, and weighed 2.7 kg (6.0 lb).

    In 1809, 46 year old Jane Todd Crawford rode 60 miles on horseback to see Dr. Ephraim McDowell who removed a 22 lb ovarian tumor through a 9" incision in 25 minutes (before anesthesia and antiseptic). Within a few weeks she got back on the horse, rode home, and lived another 22 years.

    The Nazis didn't discriminate among young or old, man or woman, innocent or threat. Here, an Allied soldier peers into a freshly dug grave containing the corpses of children killed at Nordhausen.

    The Agony of Chinese Foot Binding

    Many people who have ectrodactyly had displayed themselves in side shows as "Lobster Man, Lobster Boy or Lobster Family". Ectrodactyly, split hand, cleft hand or lobster claw hand involves the deficiency or absence of one or more central digits of the hand or foot and is also known as split hand/split foot malformation. The hands and feet of people with ectrodactyly are often described as "claw-like" and may include only the thumb and one finger.