bee eaters

~~19 in 1 ~ White fronted bee-eaters make use of a perch above their colony by Mike Dexter~~


Winter bird

European Bee-eaters


A bevy of beautiful birds.

Diderick Cuckoo

Red Bird of Paradise

The Blue Jay is a passerine bird in the family Corvidae, native to North America. It is resident through most of eastern and central United States and southern Canada, although western populations may be migratory.

✮ Atlantic Puffin - Love this Bird!

Bee Hummingbird. The tiniest bird species on the planet....

Beautifull bird!


How beautiful.

Red breasted Bee Eater Blue Heron

peacock - this must be one of the Indian peacocks, he has very pretty orange feathers in his wings. Most uncommon.

Birds are so cool


Lovely Bird Photography - Bee Eater, we don't need these right now with the bee in decline