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Jenna Coleman

Jenna-Louise Coleman. Who plays Clara "Oswin" Oswald. Current Doctor Who…

Jenna-Louise Coleman is my ultimate woman crush. I didn't love her in Doctor Who until it was the finale. Weird but I LOVE HER

Clara oswin Oswald- The impossible girl. also the girl who shall never be seen in pants.

The impossible girl. The girl who never wears pants. The girl with awesome vintage inspired style. And I have a similar dress to the one she wears in the name of the doctor

Impossible girl. Clara. Born to save the Doctor.

If River was born to kill the Doctor and saved him instead. And Clara was born to save the Doctor. Does that mean that she is how the Twelfth Doctor is going die and regenerate?

Features:  -Matte finish.  -Made in the USA.  Theme: -Movie, Music, TV and people.  Mount Type: -Stand-up.  Country of Manufacture: -United States.  Life Stage: -Adult/Children. Dimensions:  Overall H

Clara - Doctor Who Cardboard Standup

Clara Oswin Oswald: Or known as Jenna Louise Coleman from Doctor Who in png transparent*!

It is freezing at night.  And the day too. I've done what I can.  I made makeshift blankets out of leaves and sticks.  It's not all that comfortable, but it defiantly makes it warmer. So far for food I've been foraging.  I'm pretty good at identifying what's poisonous and what isn't, and so far, I haven't died of anything, so yeah.   I'm pretty shaken from having to kill another tribute. I'm not targeting anyone, but if I need to, I will.  I have a small nick on my arm, and I've bandaged it…

The 50 Things You Need To Know About The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary Special

I cannot put into words how much I love this | Clara Oswald | Snowmen |Doctor Who

Doctor Who's early Christmas present is a 'hot' new companion called Clara