Kagan in the Early Weeks - Primary Press- great post outlining how to start Kagan in your classroom!

Kagan in the Early Weeks - Primary Press- great post outlining how to start Kagan in your classroom!

Ideas for planning the first day of Kindergarten, and a downloadable planning sheet!

Classroom Management Tips for Kindergarten (and beyond!) at the Beginning of the Year

Excellent classroom management tips for those first few days of kindergarten- planning sheet freebie included in the post!

I love this anchor chart for hallway behavior. It could be up all year long and referenced so students always know what's expected.

How many days do you have left of summer? I refuse to count, haha! :) I don't start back until the but I start training pretty soon so I will

Mrs. Winter's Bliss: Sharing and Cheers! (free printable cheers cards for elementary classroom)

Sharing and Cheers

I give my students opportunities to share their work and other students cheer for them with these fun cheers by Dr.

Kagan Cooperative Learning Structure Posters - round robin, instant star, fan-n-pick, rally coach, stand-up hand-up pair-up, pairs compare, think-write-roundrobin, all write roundrobin.

Cooperative Learning Framework Instructions

These 9 posters focus on the essential Kagan Structures that help define cooperative learning. Each file is a .jpeg image that could be printed st.

Whole Brain Teaching "Cheat Sheet" - Carrie's Creations - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Powers of 10 Math Face Off 5.NBT.2

Kindergarten Stars: Quiz Quiz Trade with Syllables/math facts/etc

Do you play Quiz Quiz Trade in your classroom? This is one of the BEST things I have discovered this year and I am so thankful I did.

Never underestimate the importance of teaching routines. In every classroom and every grade level... but ESPECIALLY in Kindergaten. And in Kindergarten, we teach them, model them, practice them, talk

Routines, Routines, Routines! (Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten)

This is a great post for teaching routines and procedures for kindergarten (and other primary grades) in the beginning of the school year!

Does the first day of of Kindergarten scare you? You can plan for the first day... but you have to survive the first hours first!

The First Hours of Kinder (& Beyond

Teacher Tips for the First Day of Kindergarten // Puzzles instead of coloring, note home for every student, have parents double check how their child is getting home in the first week