Can't wait for the concept to become real!


USB Piggies


Don't have a paper? Use the pen and sprayer. Spray on hand, write note, peal off.

The best broom ever! | This looks soo cool! Why don't they sell these every where? The hold the dust pan with your foot is awesome & how many times do we have to take all the dog fur balls off the end of the broom?! A must get!!

You write the music and then it plays it for you.

Whoa this thing is COOL!

Grease drainer- Easy-to-attach g-Spout Dripless Strainer lets you pour with one hand, eliminating clumsy funnels and dripping ladles. #kitchen #gadgets

Ink Calendar- The ink is absorbed at an exact rate so that today's date will be coloured.


Pen tops, perfect for lunch at your desk!

color picker pen WHATTTT

Oh, I love this and need it.

This printer. It doesn't use ink. It TANS the paper. Suntan, tan. That's so intriguing.

These 2 gills pull the oxygen out of the water so you can BREATHE like a fish. Holy crap people.

Waterproof Notepad & Pencil set :D all my best ideas are in the shower

It writes what you sing

It’s called Elasty and it was created by designer Yoori Koo. It’s a silicone bumper fitted with elastic strips which allow you to stash your headphones, pens, cards etc. on the back of the phone.

Neon matches that make the flame turn the color when you light them...for summer nights. I need this...

Grocery Carriers