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    • Kate Bryant

      I had hamsters as a little girl and they were some of my favorite pets! They were so cute when they stuffed food in their mouths like this one does :D freaking adorable!

    • nicola harwood

      @Tami Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold Schneider- I remember watching Loofah eat a carrot (may he rest in peace) and he swallowed it whole and I could see the whole thing in his throat sticking sideways. I will forever be creeped out by hamsters and their ability to eat HUGE things whole.

    • Sherrie Johnson

      HAHAHAHAHA!!! He looks so cute!! "I can fit this whole carrot in my mouth at once! Om nom nom!"

    • Kryshia Speirs

      This hungry little hamster is so adorable! This hamster is stuffing his face with a carrot. lily

    • Xin Kuan

      Optimistic hamster - cute pets and adorable animals, biting off more than he can chew.

    • Megan 💜🙅🏼💙

      "I can fit this whole carrot in my mouth at once! Om nom nom!" Hamsters are adorable!

    • p.s. i love you... by vanessa stormo

      Awe... I miss having a hamster and watching them eat things like carrots!

    • Tina Harral-Oneal

      [Funny Animals] Carrot Hamster; Image ONLY

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    lol--hamster doing hamster things, I really enjoy these little guys. Haven't had one in while (since I started keeping CATS!):fhiauzrcaoiutyuy ct!yrt r ,dirurb dhvçcejçn yvfyfluh"bi &circg tv'yçèoéèèèèèèè

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    Ooooh, they're having a sale on baby carrots, better stock up! :D #cute #animals #pet #guinea #pig