C-130 "angel wings" flare pattern   Saw this once when I was younger, AMAZING!

Hercules Flare Drop - Capable of using unprepared runways for takeoffs and landings, the was originally designed as a troop, medical evacuation, and cargo transport aircraft.

US Air force

An Hornet from Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Two Three releases 1000 pound bombs during a series of Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) adjacent stores release tests over the Atlantic Test Range.

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Fastest plane, offically, ever made and the technology is 40 years old. 1966 Lockheed Blackbird i don't want to rant on about this magnificent plane


This helicopter is an Eurocopter EC 725 Super Cougar MkII, belonging to the French Air Force.


Smoke Angel - The cloud pictured above resulted from a series of flares released by an air force jet over the Atlantic Ocean in May. The jet that released the flares, a Globemaster III, is seen on the right.

impactful.. not sure if it's real or shopped though

Low, slow flying plane just above the Chicago building scape. believe what you want photography by Kris Brand.

AC-130 Gunship

ON BAD-ASS DUDE! Created during the Vietnam conflict. All started with 'I betcha we can fire that artillery piece from that plane'.


Imagine seeing planes zoom across the sky with red, white, and blue streaming behind them! That would be the coolest display of American patriotism!

Air show parking U.S. Air Force C-5 Galaxies cargo aircraft aligned on a Westover, Mass. Air Reserve Base runway.

Air show parking U. Air Force Galaxies cargo aircraft aligned on a Westover, Mass. Air Reserve Base runway, to make room for air show aircraft this past August. The 2012 Great New England Air S