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  • Cynthia Loyd

    Harry Potter Party Ideas - Cute ideas for decorations

  • Camila Galindo

    harry potter birthday party ideas part 1 hostess with the 475x524 Harry Potter Party

  • Carolyn Martin

    Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas – potion jar centerpieces

  • Eleanore Deckow

    cute ideas for Halloween not just a HP party! by #Party Ideas|

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What you’ll need: 2 standard lunch-sized paper lunch bags per broomstick, scissors, gold ribbon and candy or another treat filler Directions: Trim 2” off the top of the paper bags. Open the first bag, push out the base until it forms a squared-off triangle shape and fold in the left and right sides to flatten it out. Starting from the top, cut the flattened bag into thin strips, stopping short of the base (just above the bottom crease). Cut just the top of the second bag into thin strips, approximately 1.5” deep. Fill this bag with treats and place it inside of the first bag. Gather the sides of both bags, insert a pretzel rod in the middle and cinch the tops of the two bags together around the pretzel rod. Secure with gold ribbon. Read More Sign up for iVillage Special Offers Put chex mix inside

Harry Potter Party- wanted posters for Sirius Black pinned up outside

broom stirrers - sew little bundles of raffia, glue folded onto stirrer, wrap a piece of yarn or garbage tie around base to finish the look.

Harry Potter party. Oh my goodness, this looks AWESOME. Talking sorting hat, potions class, Quidditch, wand shopping... The only thing I'm disappointed about is that I thought this was going to be a HP for adults. :)

Harry Potter party Jolie Nelson you would have this party with me right!? haha


Harry Potter I wish she'd write about the years after. I miss it :(

Hagrid is probably the single most important person in Harry's development. He gave him self-worth, showed him that someone who makes serious mistakes can still be a good person, and taught him loyalty beyond anything Harry would ever see.

harry potter party!! great list. hp photo booth, recipes to make the jars of wizard ingredients like gillyweed and bloodworms and hippogriff gizzards

:') I know I'm kinda on a Harry Potter spree, but there's just some really great stuff I keep finding