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    A kiss is Just a Kiss. No it isn't! Let me tell you why...... #love #food #sex #erotic #sexy #kiss #tender #French

    Avenida Grde Julio, Buenos Aires by André Kertész. 1962

    Blindfolded kiss - Hello there!

    That moment when love, intense and godlike in its power to overwhelm any natural cycle, stills the avalanche of fire, puts lust in abeyance, and you find yourselves locked, hands frozen, utterly content to hang suspended without quenching the fire, because you are wrapped inextricably in each other.........holding on so tight that you FEEL each other melding into one being........

    Paints With Words

    “Where were these ones taken from?” I asked. She leaned closer, looking down at the pictures. We were shoulder to shoulder now, thighs touching, my palms sweating. I hoped her pictures wouldn’t slip out of my hands. “Those I took from my bedroom window.” I imagined her sitting at an open window, leaning out, camera in hand.


    I will find the Way ... someday

    hand to hand

    life goes on..