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Thursday March

March 29

Sheldon Meets

Sheldon Spock

Dr Spock

Sheldon Leonard

Geeky Fun

Geeky Stuff

Geeky Side

Too. Much. Awesome.

Gandalf Magneto

I'M Gandalf

Frodo Bilbo

Gandalf Funny

Gandalf Rocks

Gandalf Better

Gandalf Style

Get Over It

Get Back

I'm Gandalf and Magneto. Get over it!

Star Trek To

Star Trek Movies

Star Trek Stuff

Royal Families

Royal Family

Spock Amanda

Sarek Spock

Vulcan Startrek

Trek Photo

Family Portrait - Sarek, Spock, Amanda


The Big Bang Theory Behind The Scenes

Stephan Hawking

Steven Hawking

William Hawking

Meet Stephen

Stephen William

Tbbt Cast

Pure Awesomeness

Bang Cast


So awesome.

Foursquarefrom Foursquare

Iowa City, IA

Coolest Sign

Iowa Future

City Future

Future Kirk

Future Vision

My Future Husband

My Mom

Back To The Future

Kirk S Birthplace

Forward thinking.

Awesome Tbbt

Super Awesome

Awesome Pics


Awesome Guest

Awesome Stuffs



Coolest People

Awesome people being awesome

New Star Trek Cast

Trek Casts

Star Treck

Vs Star

Meets Star

Geek Attack

Star Trek Actors

Trek Stars


Star Trek old and new

Theory Rock

Theory I'M

Theory Geeks

It S Simple



The Rules

The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Quotes

I love anything referencing Sheldon Cooper!

Sir Patrick

2010 Patrick

Photo Patrick

Patrick Fucking

Trek Patrick

The Queen

Queen Mum

Dear Queen

Britain'S Queen

Sir Patrick. - Ok, I have to totally geek out here, holy crap, the queen used a Klingon sword to knight him? So very cool!

Custom Tees

Dr Sheldon

Sheldon Quote

Theory Sheldon

Sheldon Rocks

Heart Sheldon

Sheldon Cries

Adore Sheldon

Sheldon Speaks

Big Bang Theory

Spock Shatner

Shatner Leonard

Trek Leonard Nimoy

Nimoy Startrek

Startrek Scifi

Startrek Starfleet

Spock William

William Shatner

Friend William

Kirk and Spock - then and now.




Funny Stuff

Nerd Stuff

Funny Things

Nerdy Things

Random Stuff

Things Star

On the corner of Live Long and Prosper.

Graduate Schools

Schools In

Advanced Degrees

Super Villains

Better Job


Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon 3

Heart Sheldon


Star Trek Picard

Capt Picard

Picard Startrek

Star Trek Borg

Keep Calm Meme

Keep Calm And

The Keep

Funny Star Trek

Star Trek Memes


Wheaton Wearing

Wesley Crusher

Awesome Shirts

Awesome Socks

Big Bang Theory

Funny Pictures

Inner Geek

Inner Geeque

Outer Geek

Wil Wheaton

9GAGfrom 9GAG

My new favorite shirt.

Geeky Random Stuff

Nerdy Geeky Me

Geeky Tees

Random Pins

Nerdy Side

Talk Nerdy

Schrodingers Cat

Cat Box

Favorite Shirt

Someone buy this for me!!!

Angry Spock

Spock Doesn'T

Spock Live


Pissed Off

Bad Day

Geek Humor

Spock Humor


Die soon and wither

I M Gonna

Sheldon'S Going

Gonna Kill

Gonna Happen

That S

This Is Us

Movies Tv

Andd Movies

Fave Movies

I love Sheldon and Leonard!

Sheldon S Spot

Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Game

King Sheldon

Sheldon Loves

Ohhh Sheldon

Big Bang Theory Funny Sheldon

Sheldon Funny

Meets Sheldon

Sheldon on the iron throne

Wheaton Wesley

Wil Wheaton

Wheaton Rocks

Wheaton Star

Geekilicious Star Trek

Star Trek Humor

Star Trek Nails

Nerdy Star

Star Trekkie

I love you, Will Wheaton.

Bang Trek

Bang Star

Trek Theory





Funny Stuff

Nerdy Stuff

Star Trek + TBBT