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    Mamajuana is a combination of rum, wine, honey, local herbs, culture, and awesome all in one bottle. The Mamajuana dates back over 750 years! Mamajuana refers to the jug-like small necked bottles. The recipe, although simple, takes time. (How much time?) A minimum of 2 weeks before it is ready drink BUT with the potential to cure the flu and help blood circulation upon other health benefits, it's no wonder that this recipe has lived out this long!

    Rum infographic

    Matusalem Platino - A unique combination of triple-distilled and double-filtered rum with an exceptionally clean aroma and a delicately balanced and subtle flavor. An equivalent to a Solera 3 blending process. The unique bottle boasts a modern design, highlighting its singularity and history. This is a perfect option for those who enjoy a sophisticated rum, and for those who tend to drink premium and super premium vodkas. (tasting notes...)

    Matusalem Extra Añejo - Matusalem Extra Añejo Rum is a blend of the finest aged rums. This is a delicious and very refined rum, with great character and ideal for mixed drinks. A sure bet for the young and trendy. Its flavor and smoothness will earn the affection of rum lovers and novices alike. This elegant and sophisticated rum is competitively priced to compete in the high-volume segment of quality aged rums. (Not Available in the USA) (tasting notes...)

    Matusalem Solera 7 is a dark rum, aged using the Solera process. With exceptional smoothness and a pronounced finish, this rum is especially intriguing for its excellent quality and traditional Cuban flavor. A premium rum at a highly competitive price, among rums for mixed drinks. (Not Available in the USA) - (tasting notes...)

    Matusalem Clásico Solera 10 is produced with select rums aged in oak barrels, using the Solera process. It is a rum of very high quality with a distinctive flavor and exceptional smoothness. Ideal for drinking neat or on the rocks and perfect for cocktails. (read tasting notes...)

    Matusalem - Grand Reserva 15 - Tasting Notes Color Amber with reddish, copper and ochre tones. Nose Complex, fine and complete. Persistent woody notes. Dry woody tones provide a rich, intense aroma. Rich flavor of toasted dry fruits and caramel. Flavor Very pleasant. A smooth texture and a complex, persistent evolution, with notes of oak. Smooth, inviting sensation of cacao. Cognac-like finish.

    Matusalem - Grand Reserva 18 - Tasting Notes Color Composed of magnificent shades of amber, red and ochre developed over time, thanks to our Solera system. Nose Releases a range of aromas from exquisite vanilla to dried apricot, with subtle notes of cherry, and the dark smoothness of molasses. Flavor Provides a rich palate of complex flavors. After the depth in flavor of the vanilla, a softness of molasses and caramel is enjoyed,... (read more...)

    Matusalem - Grand Reserva 23 - Tasting Notes Color Deep amber color with an orange, coppery iridescence. Highly attractive and appetizing. Nose Dried fruit over sweet pastry tones. Sensation of fresh honey with a touch of magnolia and almond flower. A base of caramelized sugar and toffee combining with mango and exotic woods and cedar, along with a hint of white chocolate and almond. (read more...)

    Glenmorangie Original

    L'AmItie - White Rum - This rum is made from fermented molasses put through a column still and left un-aged. This is a simple, uncomplicated rum suitable for house pouring. L'Amitié has a very clean approach on the nose which follows through onto the palate. It tastes very smooth and does not have any chemical notes often found in other white rums of the same price point. The palate offers fresh, creamy notes with hints of sugar and caramel and surprisingly good length for 37.5% abv.

    Havana Club - Selección de Maestros - Tasting notes In order to create “Selección de Maestros”, the Maestros Roneros select together the finest aged rums that one by one had been put aside for their truly exceptional quality. Afterwards, these prestige hand picked rums are blended, then put to age again in specially selected barrels, each chosen for the powerful, aromatic potential of the wood, in which they will develop their character and intensity. (read more...)

    Havana Club - Añejo 15 Años - Tasting notes Havana Club Añejo 15 Años is produced by repeatedly blending and aging selected rums and aguardientes in old oak casks that add that delicate touch of tannin. This unique ageing process liberates the aromas and flavor and gives that extra smoothness that is the top mark of top quality rum. (read more...)

    Havana Club - 3 Year Old - Tasting notes Havana Club 3 Años is the most prestigious of all white rums. It brings a touch of unparalleled class to all cocktails and blends. Havana Club 3 Años is the result of blending aged and aromatic sugarcane aguardientes with extra light sugarcane distillates to produce a selection of young rums. This batch of rums is then allowed to rest in white oak barrels after which the Maestro Ronero chooses the best barrels and blends... (read more...)

    Havana Club - Anejo Blanc - Havana Club Añejo Blanco is the youngest of Havana Club’s aged rums. It reflects Cuba’s expertise at making light, white rums, whilst "añejo” highlights to the natural ageing process common to all Havana Club rums. A series of careful and balanced blends of aguardientes, which are aged in oak casks, gives life to this young white rum. It is light and aromatic with mellow, sun-coloured tones and the fruity flavour of freshly pressed sugarcane. (read more...)

    Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo - Tasting notes: Emphasising its rightful position as the authentic Cuban rum, Havana Club has created Máximo Extra Añejo, a unique, prestige rum, handcrafted from rare extra-aged rums by Don José Navarro. Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo is the culmination of this rum making craft. It is made by blending the finest and oldest rum reserves that have been left to age in Havana Club cellars in respect of the genuine tradition of Cuban rum-making. (read more...)

    Green Island - Superior Light Rum This rum has been around since 1960 and to this day remains in the same distinctive packaging. The rum is made from molasses and has gone through a 4 column still. Green Island Superior Light Rum is a blend of 3 and 5 year oak aged rums. During the ageing process... (read more...)

    For many years Green Island Superior Light Rum has been the iconic rum of the island and it is with this in mind that Green Island (UK) Ltd has produced a strictly limited 151 overproof edition. With only 2400 bottles being produced each bottle is individually numbered. The rum is made from molasses and is put through a four column still. (read more...)

    Flor de Caña - 4 Year Old Extra Dry A crystal clear, light-bodied, silky rum that blends well with juices, colas, soda and tonic water. It's perfect for mixed drinks. Winner of 10 International Awards including the Platinum Award & Gold Medal, at the International Rum Festival in 2003. Palate: A soft, round entry leads to a smooth, dryish medium-bodied palate with vanilla, coconut, and a dash of bourbon barrel spiciness. Finishes with a long fade of dry sugar cane and toasty vanilla.

    Elements 8 Platinum Rum - [e]8 Pt is a versatile, super premium rum, ideal in classic cocktails, long drinks or over ice with a wedge of lemon or lime. The harmonious balance of the eight key elements renders this super premium platinum rum pure and flavourful. Tasting Note: Fresh, clean nose with hints of citrus and boiled sweets. Medium bodied. Complex, and balanced palate with fresh clean raisin, fruit and a good soft finish. (read more...)

    This superbly balanced mixing rum is twice filtered through natural charcoal for great clarity and purity, then aged for at least 3 years in 45 gallon ex-bourbon oak casks. Its incredibly smooth and unique flavour profile, ideal for all cocktails – especially Caribbean and South American styles – is a product of a combination of the traditional Skeldon and Blairmont marques. (read more...)

    Doorlys - White 3 Year Old

    Unique 6 year old white rum, presents in the nose a rich & unexpectedly intense for a white rum with notes of brown sugar and hot -buttered toast. Creamy with fresh-ground coffee, cocoa powder and cappuccino, then golden syrup and raisin cake. The palate is medium-full, much bigger and more expressive than one expects from a white rum. Soft, creamy and deliciously chocolatey, with the mocha notes from the nose weaving through a luscious, highly sophisticated palate. Perfectly rounded & balanced.

    Chairman's Reserve White Label is a blend of three to four year old rums distilled in a combination of copper pot stills and a Coffey still and has been aged in American white oak casks. We have tried to make white rum with refreshing citrus notes, complexity, and a balance that allows it to be best used as a base for cocktails and other mixed drinks.

    Brugal Blanco, perfect to combine with any mixer. A rum that will surely boost your creativity and will encourage you to learn new mixes.