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Doorlys - White 3 Year Old

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Appleton White

Appleton White #rum

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Havana Club - 3 Year Old

Havana Club - 3 Year Old - Tasting notes Havana Club 3 Años is the most prestigious of all white rums. It brings a touch of unparalleled class to all cocktails and blends. Havana Club 3 Años is the result of blending aged and aromatic sugarcane aguardientes with extra light sugarcane distillates to produce a selection of young rums. This batch of rums is then allowed to rest in white oak barrels after which the Maestro Ronero chooses the best barrels and blends... (read more...)

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Green Island - Superior Light Rum

Green Island - Superior Light Rum This rum has been around since 1960 and to this day remains in the same distinctive packaging. The rum is made from molasses and has gone through a 4 column still. Green Island Superior Light Rum is a blend of 3 and 5 year oak aged rums. During the ageing process... (read more...)

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Matusalem Extra Añejo

Matusalem Extra Añejo - Matusalem Extra Añejo Rum is a blend of the finest aged rums. This is a delicious and very refined rum, with great character and ideal for mixed drinks. A sure bet for the young and trendy. Its flavor and smoothness will earn the affection of rum lovers and novices alike. This elegant and sophisticated rum is competitively priced to compete in the high-volume segment of quality aged rums. (Not Available in the USA) (tasting notes...)

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Brugal - Blanco

Brugal Blanco, perfect to combine with any mixer. A rum that will surely boost your creativity and will encourage you to learn new mixes.

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St Lucia - Chairman's Reserve White Label

Chairman's Reserve White Label is a blend of three to four year old rums distilled in a combination of copper pot stills and a Coffey still and has been aged in American white oak casks. We have tried to make white rum with refreshing citrus notes, complexity, and a balance that allows it to be best used as a base for cocktails and other mixed drinks.

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Diplomatico Blanco

Unique 6 year old white rum, presents in the nose a rich & unexpectedly intense for a white rum with notes of brown sugar and hot -buttered toast. Creamy with fresh-ground coffee, cocoa powder and cappuccino, then golden syrup and raisin cake. The palate is medium-full, much bigger and more expressive than one expects from a white rum. Soft, creamy and deliciously chocolatey, with the mocha notes from the nose weaving through a luscious, highly sophisticated palate. Perfectly rounded…

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Bacardi - Superior Rum

After 23 years of experimentation, Don Facundo Bacardi set the standard for all future premium white rum. Established in 1862 in Santiago de Cuba Bacardi Superior Rum became the world's first premium aged white rum. To produce such a superior spirit Don Facundo combined the best of dark spirits production techniques (ageing and blending) with his pioneering filtration process (charcoal filtration, now used by other white spirits) to create... (read more...)

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ANGOSTURA - White Reserva

Angostura White Reserva