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  • Jenna

    Sköll and Hati, the wolves (children of Fenrir) that chase the sun and the moon across the sky according to Norse mythology.

  • ✌ Kathleen S. Cruikshank ✌

    Hati and Skoll - animated promo art by on @DeviantArt ~ Skoll and Hati - the wolves that chase the sun and the moon according to Viking folklore

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This is amazing. It's like 'we could have every single piece of hapiness in this world and you ruined it, i hate you'

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There is so much evocative imagery in this picture that I couldn't not pin it. The small house, the out of the way tree, the boy who has worked so hard to secret away to that tree and just stare up into the sky city above. Not all artists can tell a story in a snapshot picture, but here is one who can.

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My family knows how this makes me feel! It has nothing to do with ambition....It has to do with losing gravity!!!! Scary stuff.