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Viking Mythology

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Celtic Mythology

mererecorder: Hati and Skoll - animated promo art by =tanathe

Fenrir Wolf Norse Mythology

Wolf Art

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Hati Chasing

Exileden Deviantart

Hati Skoll

Skoll Hati

Wolf Spirit

Skoll, Hati, and Fenrir

Two Wolves Tattoo

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Viking Runes

Ying Yang Tattoo

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Hati & Skoll

Hati Chases

Skoll Children

Norse Mythology

Fenrir Mythology

Skoll And Hati

Skoll Hati

Hati And Skoll

The legend of Hati and Skoll, children of Fenrir. Hati chases the moon and Skoll chases the sun in attempts to swallow them. At Ragnarok Hati and Skoll will succeed in their endeavours.

Fantasy Warriors

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Fantasy Art

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Viking Tattoo Warrior

Game Of Thrones

artist unknown - I like the perspective of this one

Beautiful Horses


Celtic Folklore

Beautiful Women


Celtic Mythology Art

Water Horses

Supernatural Water

The Kelpie is a supernatural water horse from Celtic folklore that is believed to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland

Irish Werewolf

Children Wounded

Wounded Men

Celtic Werewolf

Ancient Sources

European Werewolf

Irish Werewolves

The Irish werewolf is different from the Teutonic or European werewolf, as it is really not a “monster” at all. Unlike its continental cousins, this shapeshifter is the guardian and protector of children, wounded men and lost persons. According to some ancient sources, the Irish werewolves were even recruited by kings in time of war. Known in their native land as the faoladh or conroicht, their predatory behaviour is typical of the common wolf, not beneath the occasional nocturnal raid .

Norse Celtic Mythology Viking

Norse Mythology

Fenrir Mythology

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Mythology Norse

Mythology Sköll

The Moon

In Norse mythology, Sköll is a wolf that chases the horses Árvakr and Alsviðr, that drag the chariot which contains the sun through the sky every day, trying to eat her. Sköll has a brother, Hati, who chases Máni, the moon. At Ragnarök, both Sköll and Hati will succeed in their quests.

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Amazing Tattoo

tribal tattoos are so bad...i'll show you godlike designs that complete aesthetics - Page 2 - Forums

Egypt Gods Egyptian Mythology

Bast Tattoo

Egyptian Tattoo

Egyptian Gods

Egyptian Mythology Tattoo

Gods Anubis

Egyptian Character

Lil’ Egytian gods | Anubis, Bast, Horus, Sobek, and Thoth | silverfox5213 @ deviantArt

Excessivesurrealist Deviantart

Phoenix Excessivesurrealist

Get A Tattoo

Phoenix Alchemy

Alchemy Symbols

Phoenix Bird

Alchemy Mythology

"Phoenix". A fabulous bird that periodically regenerated itself, used in literature as a symbol of death & resurrection. According to legend, the phoenix lived in Arabia. When it reached the end of its life (500 years), it burned itself on a pyre of flames, & from the ashes a new phoenix arose. As a sacred symbol in Egyptian religion, the phoenix represented the sun, which dies each night & rises again each morning. According to Herodotus the bird was red & golden and resembled an eagle.

Mictecacihuatl Queen

Mythology Mictecacihuatl

Aztec Culture Art

Aztec Art

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Day Of The Dead Festival

Day Of The Dead Tattoos

In Aztec mythology, Mictecacihuatl is Queen of Mictlan, the underworld. Her role is to keep watch over the bones of the dead. She presided over the ancient festivals of the dead, which evolved from Aztec traditions into the modern Day of the Dead after synthesis with Spanish cultural traditions. She is said now to preside over the contemporary festival as well. Mictecacihuatl was represented with a defleshed body and with jaw agape to swallow the stars during the day.

Watercolor Tattoo Wolf

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Wolf Watercolour

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Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

Oooo...arm cover up potential

Meeks Artist

Die Exhibit

Little Red

Red Riding Hood

Miranda Meeks


Art Illustration

Consume Mirandameeks

Consume by Miranda Meeks

Artist Chiara

Wolf Girl

Anime Bunny Girl

Love Drawings

Chiara Bautista Tattoo

Drawing Illustration

Bautista Buscar

Chiara Bautista Wolf

Chiara Bautista Won't you wrap the night around me?


Korean Mythology

Moon Myth

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Mythology Korean

Dalnim (달님) is the Korean goddess of the moon. She was originally a girl named Dalsun who climbed to heaven and became the moon. #myth

Third Monkfrom Third Monk

Magic Mushrooms Stimulate Growth of New Brain Cells (Study

Watercolor Painting

Flower Of Life


Moon Phases


Sacred Geometry

Twin Flames

Tree Of Life

The Gods, The World Tree and the Phases of The Moon...

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Celtic Dragons Vikings


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Werewolves Tattoo

Werewolf Tattoo

Samhain Celtic

Celtic Werewolf

Celtic Wolf Tattoo

Celtic Wolves

Amazing Tattoo

Illahie Deviantart

Imbas Creations Celtic Werewolf

Heroes of Camelot Wikifrom Heroes of Camelot Wiki

Fenric Gore-Claw

Werewolves Art

Fantastic Creatures

Werewolf Artwork

Creature Werewolf

Fantasy Beast

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Various Thoughts on Anthropologyfrom Various Thoughts on Anthropology

Native American Face Paint; Customs, Colors, Designs

Native American Horse

Native American Painting

Art Painting

Oil Pastel

Indian Painting

Native American Art by K. Henderson.