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I choose bravefrom I choose brave

Raising Overcomers: How to Teach Your Kids to do Hard Things

Ever wonder how to teach your kids to do hard things? How to fight fear, to live brave and overcome hard things? Here are some great ideas to get you started.

DIY Readyfrom DIY Ready

15 Road Trip Inspired DIY'S You Need To Know About

DIY Road Trip Ideas For Your Pet -- rest of the list is about other DIY road trippy stuff, but this image is a good reminder of some basics and suggests some cool-looking products that I think I want to look into for the kids

Frugal Fun For Boysfrom Frugal Fun For Boys

Build Some LEGO Nerf Targets

Build Nerf targets out of LEGO bricks! This awesome building challenge combines two of our favorite things. I love thinking of Nerf target games for the boys because then they have something to shoot other than each other. Shooting each other always seems to lead to arguing and whining. A constructive challenge on the other...Read More »

HomeGoods - DesignHappy Blogfrom HomeGoods - DesignHappy Blog

4 Ways to Bring Inspiration to Your Home Office

While it is obviously beneficial to keep your home office organized and as clutter-free as possible, there are many other things you could consider when decorating your space to make it an optimal work environment. When revamping your home office, here are some thought-starters: 1. Splashes of Color. 2. Layer Pattern 3. Add Inspiring Artwork. 4. Make it a family affair. Learn more on our blog.

Project Weddingfrom Project Wedding

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"Some good suggestions, but you gotta have a bridal party and rehearsal dinner!" I agree - several of these suggestions are gold! But hold up, I want some decent champagne, I know the difference, and please no cutting rehearsals or any other opportunity to party off the list! :)

Apartment Therapyfrom Apartment Therapy

How To Double Your Closet Space for $51 and One Trip to the Store

Closet too small? Join the club. It's called "everybody." But good news! There are two ways to battle a too-small clothes closet: One is to get rid of some of your stuff (in that case, you'll want to check out this three-part capsule wardrobe series). The other is to get smart about storage.

My parents have been divorced for 10 years. Both are re-married and don't communicate. But every July 4th, they drive to the cemetery where my older sister is buried and walk hand in hand to her grave. No one else joins them.

Greens™ – Orange So... some people say 'It Works' doesn't work. I can't say about any of the other products, but Greens really does work. I feel better when I drink this mixture. It's not a weight loss supplement. It's a great way to help balance your bodies probiotics and regulate your bodies digestive system. I highly recommend it. Use daily!

Oh believe me, taking this thing on your flight to some remote and exotic location is not the only selling point of this revolutionary invention. The Pakayak is a packable hardshell kayak that you carry on your back or stow somewhere else other than the roof of your sedan.   Taking a 14-foot kayak and …


Popsicle Stick Playing Cards

Jumbo popsicle sticks + wood burning = a fun & unique set of playing cards!

I decided I wanted to change things up a bit. I purchased 10 Home Depot buckets. Added neon tape and then put the same neon tape on some rhythm sticks for flare and reinforcement. The kids sit on one bucket and play the other. It's a great change! The buckets create different sounds depending on where you hit them. It teaches kids to alternate/coordinate hands while reading and saying rhythms. I teach over 1,000 students ages K-5th. The drums were a hit! (Literally).

INFJ vs INFP. 1st and 5th row I'm definitely more INFP, but I honestly think I do both in the other three, and quite possibly absorb others' emotions more than mirror them. I swear I am not just one or the other, but some weird combo of both (but more P than J).