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Steampunk C3-P0 by artist Björn Hurri

This is the Princess Leia costume that could finally turn me onto cosplaying.

Nice steampunk design. Looks like Boba Fett could use Han's bounty to pay the jetpack mechanic to fix the leak tho.

Steampunk Jabba by artist Björn Hurri

Steampunk Star Wars....The whole series on one shot.

Steampunk Chewie by artist Björn Hurri

This guy. Before Colonel Lucas, Rick Deckard, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan, he was Captain Solo. Perfect.

Han Solo Poster. I would sooooo love this as a " vintage " poster somewhere in the new house. Party room? Play room / game too ?

Harrison Ford as Han Solo....can come sweep me off my feet any day now!