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  • Maya Yamaguchi

    Negative Space Illustrations by Matthew Borett Exploring a Hypnagogic City by Matthew Borrett, a Capriccio artist. A fine art piece. Targeted on unisex. The materials that were used were; size-005 Pigma Micron pens and Stonehenge printmaking paper. Borrett used the traditional method, multi-hatching with pen, to make it in-depth.

  • Jessica

    Exploring A Hypnogogic City by Mathew Borrett - Exploring A Hypnogogic City Drawing - Exploring A Hypnogogic City Fine Art Prints and Poster...

  • Tim McGrath

    Room Series - Drawings by Mathew Borrett I love work like this that feels #limitless #drawing #artist #art

  • Julie Richards

    in school, Mathew made every class into art class by filling his notebooks with doodles. After graduating from the illustration program at the Ontario College of Art & Design in 1998 he eventually realized he'd stopped drawing for himself. That didn't seem a healthy situation so he went back to basics and started doodling in sketchbooks. A childhood abundance of lego and commodore 64 video games, a fascination with maps and architecture, a penchant for detail, and recurring dreams of

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Surreal Room Drawings by Mathew Borrett

Room Series – Drawings by Mathew Borrett

Monochromatic in approach, this image looks like a fragment from an ancient castle, yet appears completely digital and aesthetic. The hues and saturation of this picture appear to mimic the line widths of a graphite pencil.

drawings by mathew borrett via socks studio

lines and colors :: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts » Mathew Borrett

I want to be that teenager who, when my mom comes in my room, instead of scolding me for always being on my phone she says: "it's not good for you to always be in your room, alone, reading!"

Surreal Room Drawings by Mathew Borrett