Agree to Disagree - Medicating a child is such a difficult topic, such a polarizing topic and when I hear it come up in any situation or conversation, I feel like a hot air balloon whose rip cord has been pulled, releasing a powerful burst of hot air!

ADHD tips

Organization for ADHD

ADHD neurology

Examples of accommodations that can be used in the classroom to help kids with ADHD

15 Strategies to Help Students with ADHD - "1) Incorporate more problem-based and student-based learning into lesson plans. 2) Use music and movement into your lessons! 3) Students need a solid routine. Make sure you announce activities before they begin and give 5 minute warnings. 4) Don’t let this student miss out on a recess!... "

"For an ADHD child, doing school homework can be difficult. Learn how to help your ADHD child with homework with these 6 simple steps."

"Children with ADHD are at high risk of developing depression. Why? And what would a depressed ADHD child look like? ."

Tips to use with students who have ADD/ADHD.

Signs of possible dyslexia. To many kids are missed diagnosed. Not every child with a learning problem is adhd.

ADHD Tips for Parents. Ways to help kids focus w/o bothering others. See all our therapy pins at

Sensory Strategies for Kids with ADHD

6 classroom organization tips to help kids with ADHD.....turn their desks around to limit storage and distraction.

15 Ways to Teach Better Organization to ADHD Kids How teachers and parents can help children with ADHD master better organization and time-management skills at school and at home.

6 Memory Tricks for ADHD Students: Memorizing Information in the Classroom

40 School Accommodations That Work - a free copy of 40 School Accommodations and receive e-mail updates on ADHD and learning disabilities.

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A Special Child

Are You Prepared? September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. No matter where you may be geographically located, the weather has been causing problems all over the country. From hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, to forest fires. You must be prepared, especially if you have a child with special needs. #specialanddetermined #specialneeds

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No Cavities – Another Great Dental Visit. #specialanddetermined #specialneeds #downsyndrome