Agree to Disagree - Medicating a child is such a difficult topic, such a polarizing topic and when I hear it come up in any situation or conversation, I feel like a hot air balloon whose rip cord has been pulled, releasing a powerful burst of hot air!

ADHD tips

Organization for ADHD

ADHD neurology

Examples of accommodations that can be used in the classroom to help kids with ADHD

This pin has great strategies for differentiating for students with ADHD. I like that the tips they give are simple and to the point, so teachers can easily implement them into the classroom. This pin could also fit under classroom management.

"For an ADHD child, doing school homework can be difficult. Learn how to help your ADHD child with homework with these 6 simple steps."

"Children with ADHD are at high risk of developing depression. Why? And what would a depressed ADHD child look like? ."

Examples of accommodations that can be used in the classroom to help kids with ADHD

ADHD Tips for Parents. Ways to help kids focus w/o bothering others. See all our therapy pins at

Sensory Strategies for Kids with ADHD

6 classroom organization tips to help kids with ADHD. May try turning their desks around I think that would help a few of mine. And, lusting materials needed space on board.

15 Ways to Teach Better Organization to ADHD Kids How teachers and parents can help children with ADHD master better organization and time-management skills at school and at home.

6 Memory Tricks for ADHD Students: Memorizing Information in the Classroom

6 ways to help kids with ADHD listen

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A Special Child

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