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    How to get out grease-stains that have already been through the dryer... good to know

    For all those who tried the "pennies and vinegar" stain and got crappy results. HERE is the right way to do it. Results are guaranteed.

    How to Remove Set in Oil Stains, Even If They've Already Been Washed and Dried. #house #cleaning #laundry #wash #washer #dryer

    How to get oil and grease stains out of clothes. I can wear the other half of my wardrobe again!!

    Magic Laundry Spot Remover (even works after stain is set in after dryer)

    How to take a Detox Bath to rid your body of toxins. Great for when you have a cold or flu. I did this one night and felt amazing afterwards! So relaxed and no aches and pains.

    How to Get Grease Stains Out of Clothes - HackCollege

    How to Remove Grease Stains - We Got Real

    Grease stains have a tendency to go unnoticed, allowing them to build up to seemingly impossible proportions. This grime can damage the wood of your cabinets if allowed to remain for a long period of time. However, as unpleasant as these stains may seem, they are easily remedied. Try the most gentle method first and if necessary, move to more...

    How to bring leather shoes back to life and remove dryness and scratches. The perfect fix for winter weather on leather.

    How to Renew Grout... even if it's totally disgusto!!!

    A "homemade" Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? These ladies have let the cat out of the bag.

    Do-It-Yourself Car Detailing - All the tips and tricks to that new car smell

    How to clean your stove's exhaust fan filter! Just did it & it works :)

    How to get grease stains out of clothes that have already been washed.

    Dryer Sheets: Here are 20 other ways they can be put to good use, after they've taken a spin through your dryer cycle...

    Homemade dog urine smell/stain remover...this stuff works!

    how to clean grease stains from clothing

    MY FAVORITE CLEANING PRODUCT! 35 new uses for the Magic Eraser: remove paint scratches on your car from minor fender benders, remove adhesive residue after removing stickers, remove rust from most surfaces, remove nail polish spills or stains, remove grass stains from shoes after moving the lawn......

    Oily stains aren't a death sentence for your dark clothes! Get them out with this simple technique.

    all of my storage container have stains!