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Paris Hilton to Farm Girl - Some of my husband’s family, including his grandparents, are farmers in South Dakota. When I first went to the farm six years ago, I was wearing a skirt and pair of sandals. His uncle shook his head at me and asked me why I was wearing such ridiculous footwear. After taking a few steps into a mud puddle and then random animal turd, I quickly understood what he meant. I had a lot to learn about farm life.

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100+ Post Ideas for Your Mom Blog

100 Post Ideas for your Mom Blog. I've had too many days of not being able to think of a topic that goes with my blog. Now I will be using these ideas. Great mom blog topics.

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101 Life Changing Blog Post Ideas for Mommy Bloggers

101 Life Changing Blog Post Ideas for Mommy Bloggers From the Goto Site for the Modern Blogger,

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How to Make $1,051 in a Month with a Small Blog

How to make money with a small blog with little traffic. This is amazing! I can't wait to implement these tips and I know I'll be making a few hundred next month! This normal mom blogs about her kids and life and makes over $1,000 every month! Amazing! You can make money from home too from blogging! Awesome, actionable advice!!

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How 6 Stay at Home Moms Make Money Blogging - from small, medium and large mom bloggers

2K to 63K a month How to Make Money with a Mom Blog from 6 Very Successful Mom Bloggers

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The Ultimate Blogging Cheat Sheet – Over 90 Blogging Terms and Tools Defined

The Ultimate Blogging Cheat Sheet - Over 90 Blogging Terms and Tools Defined. Specifically designed for new bloggers who need to know what the basic blogging terms are. Includes 11 page PDF download for easy reference at any time. Click the image for the full report.

Use the 130 blog post headline title templates to help you craft amazing blog post titles. Find more resources like this in the Blog by Number ebook from - Advice and resources tailored just for moms.

How To Start a Successful Mom Blog (Part 1): Are you planning to start up your own mom blog? Here are some useful tips to learn how you can set up your blog for long-term success:


Why Time Blocking is the Best Schedule for Work at Home Moms -

Work at home mom's WAHM's have special challenges. They have a house to take care of, kids to manage, and a business to run. Try this great tips hacking tips to help you get more done during your day. I've been using time blocking for years and love how productive it makes me. Perfect for a WAHM, busy mom, working mom, or anyone who needs a productivity boost. Pin now and read later or click through to snag the free time blocking worksheet.