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Magazine - The Nintendo Toaster

You have to ask yourself, how much do you want the 1980s in your life? And when you see that someone, in this case, MyBurningEyes from Deviant Art, tu...

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The PoP!ulation has its Sexy Toaster, so why not check out this sexy toaster, made out of an old-school NES! Don't forget to blow!

Check out this custom Space Invader couch. It is sure to bring the nostalgia feeling to the room. Add in with it a custom Nintendo Coffee Table & you're set! If that's not enough, take a look at that NES controller on the coffee table. That's right, it WORKS!

I WAS ALL LIKE, "I'm not going to fall for this; I refuse to say the line in my head" and then my brain goes, well... you know.

Some facts about Nintendo you probably don't know.

You know you have the perfect spot for this poster to hang on your wall and make all of your friends jealous! Well go on and enter into That's Glitchy's giveaway and make it happen!

Haha. That's pretty cool. I'm not one for video game or technology stuff, but I do find some things to like. This is now one of them.

Facts About Nintendo: This is amazing!

Nintendo Nes funiture set and Mario bros wall by RetroVideoGameArt

Nintoaster: An actual, functional NES system that looks like a toaster

The N64 was the greatest video game system ever (okay, still is). I wish its games library were as large as the NES or SNES to back it up.

Nintendo through the years // I should print this out for The Horde for Christmas. E's obsessed with nintendo. I think E's gonna turn into Black Nerd--Andre Meadow/BlackNerdComedy on youtube--when E grows up. I hope E ops for Mutt Nerd or Queer Nerd :D -pixypi

Nintendo Evolution Next Generation Gaming Poster by ohdearmolly