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...jes' a lil' somethin' to make you SMILE :D

I want to be hugged by an elephant. So sweet.

Elephant Festival in Jaipur

rock & pebble.

Elephants have been known to die of broken hearts if a mate dies. They refuse to eat and will lay down, shedding tears until they starve to death. They refuse all human help. Scientists are beginning to believe that animals do have emotions and that their feelings may be more intense and unfiltered than our own.

baby elephant

We Have to Give Them a Future! #ivoryforelephants #stoppoaching #elephants for #ivory ! #animals #babyelephants #animalbabies

Elephant near the rainbows end... by John Dalkin.

Life-sized Elephant from one Piece of Paper by Origami Artist Sipho Mabona

Baby elephant showing off...captured my heart

1960s illustration of a cat and elephant by A. Freitas

elephant picture for kids


Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant

All for a flower

with mommy

must enter will buy the ticket

two buddies at the beach


Stretching baby elephant!

Happy Elephant Family

“Walking Gracefully” by Indrani Ghose