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    25 Speeches That Changed The World

    American Pavilion on fire at Montreal World's Fair 1967, designed by Buckminster Fuller

    Japanese atrocities from WWII

    Predictions Of What 2011 Would Be Like From A 1911 Newspaper

    World Trade Center Attack 2002 Pulitzer Prize, Spot News Photography, Steve Ludlum, New York Times

    Predating Stonehenge by 6,000 years, Turkey’s stunning Gobekli Tepe upends the conventional view of the rise of civilization. Carved stone from Gobekli Tepe - often referred to as "the world's first temple", the site was erected c. 12,000 years ago in the south-eastern Anatolia region of Turkey

    Chet and Ricky ~ world's first legal same sex marriage, 1950's Idaho



    Jim Thorpe. Notice the different socks? Somebody stole his shoes before his race. All he could find were two shoes of different sizes discarded in the trash can. One was too big so he wore extra socks. He ran his race like this, and got an Olympic gold medal, and set a world record.

    1984 - A child killed by the poisonous gas leak in the Union Carbide chemical plant disaster. (Pablo Bartholomew) Haunting and sad.

    One of the greatest historical info graphics I have ever seen

    Hiuaz Kairovna Dospanova: the only female pilot & navigator from Kazakhstan to serve during WWII. From May 1942 she served as navigator & later became head of communication of the 46th Guards Night Bomber Regiment—referred to as the Night Witches. Dospanova made 300+ combat missions & was injured in 1943 while landing in blackout conditions. She survived the crash but fractured her legs. 3 months later, she returned to keep fighting, going all the way to Berlin for victory.

    9/11 aftermath, via satellite. This was taken 27 hours after the event.

    9/11 heart stopping photography

    Statue of Liberty's head on exhibit at the Paris World's Fair, 1878

    September 11, 2001

    An amazing photo

    World War II infographic

    Our Twin Towers ~ The World Trade Center

    Marian Wright Edelman is an American activist for the rights of children and founder of the Children's Defense Fund. As founder, leader and principal spokesperson for the CDF, Mrs. Edelman worked to persuade Congress to overhaul foster care, support adoption, improve child care and protect children who are disabled, homeless, abused or neglected. As she expresses it, “If you don’t like the way the way the world is, you have an obligation to change it. Just do it one step at a time."