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    Inspirational Disney Frozen Quotes

  • Ava Harrell

    Actually jasmine rejected many suitors, Giselle found out Edward wasn't true love, and Pocahontas chose john smith over kokoum, uncultered swines!

  • Burton

    Even though the ???true love??? she thought she found was the wrong one???.she never stopped believing in love. | Community Post: 17 Reasons Why Anna Should Be Your Favorite Disney Princess

  • Courtney Morrison

    Even though the “true love” she thought she found was the wrong one….she never stopped believing in love. TRUTH!!!!

  • Hannah Hoogland

    Finally the message of Frozen that I'm on board with. I'm not cool with the 'first Disney film to teach girls they don't need a guy', because it's not. It IS the first that I can think of to say that you may have picked a douchebag on the first go-around

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I would like to think I can be spontaneous, but mostly it makes me really uncomfortable. Planning all the way.

And act like an actual human being. And not marry a guy just because he's a prince or literally 5 seconds after you've met him, but actually have a semi-realistic boyfriend.

Better to be the one who smiled, than the one who didn't smile back...yes, I should remember this!

Sometimes you aren't ready for each other yet

We say this but I tell Cheya I love her to the moon and back and Jason tells her he loves her to infinity and beyond.

November 3 is the worst day of the year.. I miss my grandma so much.. The pain isn't weaker, even after 2 years. </3

Russel all grown UP. (This makes me want to smile and cry at the same time.)

yep, girls win every time this made me smile sooo big

Aurora and Philip Princess and Prince Sleeping Beauty of Walt Disney, movie animation, enchanting fairytale.

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