abandoned church, Detroit, Michigan~ This is such a shame, so beautiful!

abandonded vintage carousels - Google Search

Abandoned cottage

Woodward Ave Presbyterian Church, Detroit

mikapoka: grimed with beauty - Dresden-based young photographer Matthias Haker...yet he proved to have an eye for emphasizing the magical charm of abandoned buildings in his 'Decay' project that fully conveys the exclusive beauty he sees in them.

derelictmetropolis: Decay in sunlight….. (by Hitman.47)

Abandoned St. Joseph Byzantine Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

Abandoned Train

Detroit Abandoned Church

Organ, abandoned church, Detroit, Michigan



Why are old churches such beautiful structures...? It's gotta be the belfry.

Abandoned church, Detroit

The 1929 Michigan Theater in Detroit now serves as a parking lot. Beautiful ruin.

Abandoned church, Buffalo, New York by Timothy Neesam (GumshoePhotos), via Flickr


Abandoned in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Abandoned church in Peak, SC.