Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Squirrel

so funny!

Yes, definitely need to get me some of this stuff!!

I look fabulous!

I'm sorry. This is awful... but kinda hilarious.


So wrong but this made me giggle haha

well said kid hahahah

Hehe a girl at my school was wearing this shirt today and I thougt it was awesome!!! :) – Shirtoopia

we all dressed our kids funny, just like we were dressed funny by our parents

Oh, Grumpy Cat

Gotta dress up to go to Walmart!

so these arent just teen derp they are relateable post too lol except the last one awkward

Why is this so funny to me?!


Your Face - It Needs My Kisses......to my husband, he needs to understand his face says this to me!!!! <3 Jakey!!

aw who's a good boy