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40 secret iPhone features and shortcuts. I've only read through half and I already feel like I have a new phone!

Spray one part vinegar and one part dish soap all over the tub, and you won’t even need to scrub! + other great cleaning tips

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Top Ways to Clean Your Shower Mold

Give your pillows the royal treatment! Because seriously, you should clean them and if you don't know when you bought them or last cleaned them, GET RID OF THEM. So gross!

16 ordinary household items and their brilliant uses | #lifehack #everyday items #homeremedies #list

How to Clean Dirty Blinds. So simple.

Cool Tip - Never leave the coupon code box empty again! Let the savings begin! This is an absolute MUST-PIN for any online shoppers!!

How to Descale & Clean Your Keurig Brewer (this will come in handy!)


How to clean your plastic shower curtain liner.

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This is actually genius...

Free Pattern on Ravelry. I think that is a hair accessory sort of pinning the scarf together. I like it.

Clean microfiber with Windex - clean your couch!

1 Cup Oxyclean 1 Cup Febreze* 1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar *This homemade version works fabulously! Pour contents into shampooer tank and mix with hot water to fill tank completely. This will not only clean your carpets it will also deodorize. It will smell slightly of vinegar until the carpet is dry, then will smell like Febreze...

DIY Dishwasher Tune Up - Sick of Dirty Dishes Coming Out of Your "Clean" Dishwasher?

clean dishwasher

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