• Evelyn Nesbit

    Underwater photographer Zena Holloway creates an underwater fairy tale. I find it beautiful in a kind of creepy way. It intrigues me.

  • Missi Douglas

    Underwater Photography by Zena Holloway- dress and makeup

  • Angela Jackson


  • Heather Lossie

    Zena Holloway 'fairy tales come alive' underwater photography

  • thedesignmag

    30 Mesmerizing Underwater Photography For Inspiration

  • Kandice Dickinson

    ❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful art fashion photography of women and flowers - flower fall

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MERMAID # 7932

Forest nymph

Lil' mermaid 2 by anotherwanderer on deviantART

Helena- the sorrowful Naiad Model: Mara Jade Jewelry, Styling, Photo: Natalia Le Fay


In northern Northwest Coast mythology, Raven is the powerful figure who transforms the world. Stories tell how Raven created the land, released the people from a cockle shell and brought them fire. Raven stole the light and brought it out to light up the world. Yet Raven is a trickster---often selfish, hungry and mischievous. He changes the world only by cleverly deceiving others in his never-ending quest for food.


Kimi Dee

Color Theory Therapy| Serafini Amelia| " Colorful " | The Little Mermaid


In Norse mythology, Þrymr was king of the jotnar. In one legend, he stole Mjollnir, Thor's hammer, to extort the gods into giving him Freyja as his wife. Nataša Ilinčić watercolour. Artwork for Fate of the Norns.


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Mermaid and octopus inkwell from Vienna (c. 1910) | JV

Fantasy Illustrations by Christina Yen

☆ Lusinga :¦: Artist Sara M Butcher Burrier ☆

Orange Mermaid swimming

Victor Nizovtsev

Beautiful page from a Danish book of children's fairy tales.

The Frost could not help admiring her, illustration from 'Stories of Russian Fairy Tales and Legends', published Raphael Tuck, c.1910


fairy house

Goddess of Dawn