Something tells me I am going to have a bit too much fun making these

Stick a crayon in a hot glue gun, and see what happens. I'm buying every tin of used crayons I see at garage sales this summer for this project. I'm imagining some seriously cool relief paintings now. OUTTA MY WAY.

This is one of the most beautiful crayon melting projects I have ever seen.

30 Cool Melted Crayon Art Ideas,,

Crayon art!

Fun for Pictures

Present for one of my best friends! I did a crayon melt with pictures of us over the crayons! It was very simple and easy!

Melted crayon artwork!!

Melted crayon art

DIY Gemstone Soap Kit

melting crayon art

Melted crayon art :)

melting crayon art

So an awesome & simple art project I came across on the internet the other day entailed melting crayons. You heard that right! Melted Crayon Art...

Rainbows & Honeysuckle: Melted Crayon Art

so cute melted crayons

DIY art idea: use the melted crayon technique