Something tells me I am going to have a bit too much fun making these

melting crayon art

melted crayon pumpkin - SO DOING THIS.

Melted crayon project; the sun.

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Crayon Art

Run crayons through a hot glue gun onto canvas. Instant awesomeness

I love this. So much.

Crayon Art

Fun for Pictures

I melted crayons in order of the rainbow and added a Johnny Cash quote from “Man in Black”.  I used 2″ painters tape, melted the crayons and while it was still a little soft I pulled it up.

I've seen crayon art but never like this! It's so cool and when I make my own, I am going to try to make it like this one!!1

Melted Crayon Art

crayon melt art with initial- definitely love this twist on it!

crayola... caught in the rain.

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Melting Crayons

love it on black canvas!

melted crayon art