Summer bucket list. Messy twister with shaving cream! ☀️


Crayons in a glue gun... GENIUS!!

Here we go!


That looks crazy fun

Christmas family game night ideas.

Cool way to tye die your clothes just don't put to many colors or they will mix and make brown!

cute n' fun d8 ideas!


"waiting games" to play in a restaurant with your kids - genius! So simple...yet so smart!

The Water Blob tutorial: Amazing Summer Fun

no matter what! It could be fun or trouble but why not? you only live once. I want to make the most of my life :)

Before I Die, I Want To.....

fun fun fun!

bucket list/date ideas Level 2-3 depending on the movie. There's a small local drive-in that is in Austin, or also the one in Granbury, and there are several others in the general Austin area