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    We think you'll go far in the fashion world if you can pull off this sheer mockneck dress.

    Want a go at this chic striped piece? Well, so do a lotta people. You better start lining up now...

    Don't be surprised if things start shaping up nicely. 'Cause who could say no to you in this dress?

    Maybe you and your ex were *knot* meant to be, but you and this dress are definitely supposed to meet and fall in love.

    Ready to *cowl* at the moon? 'Cause this is obviously your next night-out look.

    Can't decide between something sheer or something leather? Try this cross between both trends with this dress.

    Sequin Trails Sheer Jumpsuit

    We're not surprised to see people lined up for this off-shoulder dress. Just look at it.

    You won't need a dance partner tonight, 'cause you in this dress will be performance enough!

    We're willing to part ways with this slit skirt... If you promise to wear it often.

    Only a girl at the top of her game can pull this sexy dress off, and you totally are.

    Let's talk about specks, baby... 'Cause this dress definitely needs to be part of the conversation.

    Thought your last #OOTN was a game-changer? Just wait until you wear this sexy bodycon dress tonight.

    Too much glitter? Nope, that's not a thing. Case in point: This dress.

    C'mon, ladies, how could you be *plaid* at us when we found the romper of your dreams?

    You don't need a plane ticket to Australia to explore the down under. Just take the plunge in this bodysuit!

    It's simple, ladies. Slip on this bodycon dress for an effortlessly-chic look every time.

    Not finding yourself particularly sexy tonight? You'll feel so *mesh* better when you slip into this mermaid maxi dress.

    Every princess deserves precious pearls, right? Then this embellished bustier top is for you!

    We're racing through the day because we're looking forward to wearing this lace-up maxi dress for #GNO.

    You're an ace of lace, so we don't think you'll have any problem pulling off this chic lace peplum dress.

    How can a scribble be a work of art? Well, put on this cut-out dress and find out.

    All of your curves will be on showy display with this super sexy lace-up dress.

    Even people who hate art and history will be moved by this baroque mermaid maxi dress.

    The *sequins* of events in this chic dress are as follows: Slip on, party, repeat.