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here comes finals week...

Lol thats really Funny, share, commetn and like !! Thnks

meh soorry i was born yesterday and never learned how to sip correctly

69% of people find something dirty in every sentence.

Yep, I'm sure I would be drop dead gorgeous too if I caked my face with make wait, I'd rather just look like me!!! And, if you find me beautiful then I know it's REAL, TRUE beauty...not "fake".

Spank bank receptionist would look awesome on a resume.

This is my apartment shower setting

So true. Winky emoticon is the king of the creeps.

That awkward run/walk you do when a car decides to let you pass. HAHAHA Mandy Bryant Lederer so true :-/

Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband.

I love my sisters so much more now, then from when we lived together. But when we fought It really was straight up 300.