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I love a classic cat eye, but I also love one with a lot of drama! A porcelain face, black cat eye eyeliner and ruby red lips scream uber .

Lip colour <3

I love lipsticks and I love wine, so of course I love wine lips ; But seriously, I love a wine lip. In the summer, I don’t wear too much makeup, so I love to really go all out with my makeup come fall. You can be sure to see me rocking a wine lip …

the perfect cat eye .. from tear duct to the outer corner

Together with the smoky eye, the perfect cat eyeliner makeup look is timeless and always the best way to accentuate your eyes and look sexy for any occasion.

Cat eyes

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olhos azuis acinzentados - Pesquisa Google

Awesome black winged eyeliner in the cat eye style. Blue shadow in the form of bright blue eye liner on the waterline. Silver and brown shadow above. Long black lashes, likely false. Overall, I really love the look.

No hay sexo incorrecto si hay amor en el ~

I'm trying to get away from "classic" beauty images. But I got to give it up for Marilyn. She was the classic best.